How To Get The Best Possible Deal For Your New Car

Have you finally found the car of your dreams? Here’s a full guide on how you can get the best deal on it.

1. Homework/ Research

Before you even meet the salesman, make some preparation. Look up the car online, or on magazines. Ask around, go to a specialized company to gather as much information as you can about the product.

What’s important is that you do this before even starting any sort of negotiations, you should know:

-The price range

-As much technical information about the car as possible

-Other offers online for this car

-Interest rates

You must ensure to be able to get the best deal possible, so know if you can push the price lower, or if it’s time to stop and accept the offer.

a) Find out what add-ons may or not come with the car

Check out if the dealer hasn’t put in optional upgrades that’ll push the price up without you knowing. Or it could be the other way round, where the car simply comes underequipped because you didn’t check specifically what was included in the offer.

Imagine having to haggle for something that’s already supposed to be included for free in all models. You’d surely be wasting your time and money.

b) Compare pricing

Pricing of cars is very instable considering the market is inconstant due to many reasons. As such, you should search what price you should be expecting to buy your car for before anything.

For example, you could go to events or go through brochures to find how expensive the car you desire actually is. What’s more, going to expos will put you in contact with multiple dealers at once instead of going through the hassle of meeting them one by one.

c) Compare the different loan options

There are actually multiple loan options to buy a car. They can be bank loans, or in-house loans: check out what each car dealer has to propose.

Secondly, look up on the internet your bank’s interest rate as well as its future evolution so that you’ll be able to time right your purchase. 

2. Actual buying process

Now let’s get to the serious business: you’ve got all the knowledge in the world, but you still need to prepare something: how will you handle the negotiations?

You’re obviously searching for the best deal possible, without being rude or simply unprepared.

a) Look out for promotions

Before straight up going to the purchase part, check out if there are any upcoming events or expos featuring your car: it’s likely that your car will be offered with discounts and promotions.

What’s more, if an event just ended, ask the salesperson if the car you’re looking for is still on sale and if there’s a way you could purchase it. You never know, it’s always worth giving it a go.

b) Haggle reasonably

It may be in everyone’s blood to constantly try and lower the offer to get the best deal possible in your favor. Don’t be afraid to haggle, however, do it with moderation.

Keep in mind the person selling the car has obviously other clients, and isn’t necessarily desperate for money, so don’t be asking for ridiculous discounts.

You won’t necessarily be called out as a “lowballer”, but your credibility will be doubted and you might end up getting the short end of the stick.

c) Do not be overly emotional

This isn’t gambling so you don’t need to have a pokerface the entire game, but you still should keep your excitement contained. If not, you could make rash decisions, and your seller could take advantage of your display of emotions.

Anyone would try to make the deal go in their favor, so make sure to not express your feelings too much.

d) Patience is a virtue

It’s fine if you don’t get the car instantly because the deal doesn’t suit you. Just wait, car prices constantly vary, and other offers will come at some point. Just keep waiting, because surely, a better deal will come at some point.

However, don’t wait too much, or you simply will never even get your car! What we mean by that, is that there is no need to purchase the car immediately, don’t rush things because you could be regretting them later.

You’ve now got all the knowledge required to buy the car of your dreams anytime! Good luck on your trades and make the best out of your negotiations.

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